Sensible Subjects - Email as a workable task list.

I often send group emails for work. I quite often don’t know who the best person is for any job, but I know they do and so a group email is a great way to delegate tasks robustly and efficiently.

My emails generally have a pretty coarse grain subject. Eg… or whatever website. And then the body is an old-skool letter, even to people I email 5 or 6 times a day.


Can you…



If you think about it that’s a big waste of time for me to write, even using sub text and signatures. And because it gets sent as a group, that generally means that everyone who gets it will open it and read it. Surely that’s wasteful. So, what I am going to try now is to just send the group emails with the subject as the task. And that’s it. No hello, No thanks, No fluff. Pure subject. This will save me time and it will also save us time collectively because only the people who need to read more about the task need open it.

Productivity + + ?

Could this could save millions of man hours a year the world over?

Please let me know what you think of this idea in the comments:)