AKA "The Salted Solution," is changing.

I have been writing this blog now for 15 months, and I have really enjoyed it. Its been a great outlet and without it I would surely have butchered many innocent people on Xbox Live.

The Most Popular Blog In Cornwall

In mid December I started another blog that is kind of a for where I live, except with other people contributing as well. If you live in Cornwall it's worth a read and it is called The Midcornwall Blog.

To my American Readers, its a bit like having the most popular blog on your block, assuming your block is in Paris, Texas. But real aficionados of the internet and the blogosphere know that what counts isn't having the most popular blog but having the best blog. Much like is the 63rd best blog on the internet, is the best blog in Cornwall.

What is funny to me is that since about 1995 I have been trying to get various websites popular for various things, and I have had various levels of success... Then two months ago I do this little hobby blog; reviewing restaurants in Truro and St Austell and writing dumb stories that would only appeal to locals. Then, out of the blue, it gets popular really fast, without any advertising, marketing or SEO. Go figure:)

It is great fun and it's taking time that without it I would have spent on

The Yadabyte TomeRaider Blog

This is the first time I have mentioned my work in this blog, but hey ho. We make TomeRaider the world's most advanced e-book and e-reference reader, amongst other software - we are also doing website design as Yadabyte Websites. So, we have started a blog to write about what we are doing in work, I don't know why we didn't do this earlier. I think that some of the more tech focused stuff that would have gone into will go into this as well.

What's left for

There have been lost of self censorships I have made on

  1. I have tried not to offend anyone with my humour.
  2. I have tried to write longer pieces rather than shorter traditional blog posts.
  3. I have resisted talking about English things too much because I know that by far the blog's biggest readership is American.
  4. I have decided against publishing photos of me naked at the "party with all the midgets" last summer.

I'm going to drop three of these constraints and write about things to do with the UK and not worry too much about offending people from Devon.

I will end with a poem I wrote a few weeks back on another blog I have:

Why I love blogging

It's kind of like writing your biography.
Mindmap, clap-trap, soapbox, suddenly.
It is a diary and a journal and a sandwich board.

It is some meaningless digital immortality.
This blog; the thoughts that flow from me.

It's personally not private -
It's secret in public.
In consumer stance and tech romance.

How fundamentally meaningless it is,
Words in space.
In Fizz.