The Impossibility of Heroes.

I wrote my MPhil thesis on The Impossibility of Time Travel and my PhD thesis (incomplete due to becoming technology billionaire (also incomplete)) was on the Anisotropy of Time. So, without wishing to blow my own trumpet too much, Its fair to say, I know more than most about time travel.

So Heroes makes a big use of Time Travel....

Heroes is the best new TV show I have seen since BSG or the Sopranoes. Its awesome make no mistake. But the plot relies on logical impossibility, and thats the most impossible kind of impossibility you can get.

Whist writing this post I found this excellent and informed post here:

Well worth a read. But the inconsistency with Heroes operates below non-linear causal chains, bilking arguments or solutions about multiverses.

It is logically impossible to change the past because then what would have been would not have been, and that is a contradiction. There can be no contradictions.

Mind you, Heroes is so good that they can pump out a gazillion contradictions an episode and I'll still buy the ticket.