Continuing from my previously posted post on Stress, I can confirm that I am now so tired does to a week of crazy hours and no good sleep when I do sleep that the aforementioned effects of stress seem to have worn off.

I no longer feel my body is on the brink of im/explosion. I don't feel poisoned. I just feel very tired.

But not "those vitamins I took in 1995 kept me awake for 3 days tired" and not "I've been traveling without sleeping for 40 hours tired" a different kind.... more tired.

But not stressed!


This could be a momentous discovery that could save thousands of lives a year:

The more tired you are the less stress damages you.

Note that there is a slim possibility that my "lack of stress damage experience" is not due to tiredness but to the fact that the cause of the stresses seems to finally be dissipating. More study is needed - though I most certainly will not be volunteering.