I am Lexographically Famous!!

I have always been interested in words, as a child I was even taught some.

Until yesterday I had only discovered three new words in my life. These being:

  1. "Bumgollier" - A homophobic term for a homosexual ("gay") man.
  2. "Architechtonics" - The art of creating deep/complex technical systems.
  3. "Flangeina" - Like a "mangina" but on a female human.

An impressive trio, I am sure you will agree. But it gets better...

Yesterday I came up with a new term that in a matter of hours, powered by its own etymological etiology, became wrought into the semantic framework of an entire planet. Not bad for a boy from the wrong side of the Grampound Line.

You can see the word here: http://tinyurl.com/ctmgf8

Note: Although the Dictionary doesn’t state this, the term is also synonymous with "anticlimax"