Anal Analysis is the new Stonehenge

  • There are the hallowed gardens of faith that shall always remain sacred.
  • There are the murky ponds of history where the fish of fact swim midst the algal goo of falsehood and deception.
  • And then there is the world of what people really want and care about.

Googles new tool, Google Trends, has revealed a strange consonance in the cosmos of web searches that, frankly, makes all the hubba bubba and mystery about the Da Vinci Code + The Nazca Lines + Lord Lucan + American Democracy dwindle into insignificance.

anal analysis

The Anal Anlaysys Iconograhy of DOOM- realtime

1. Peru

2. Brazil

3. Argentina

4. Chile

5. Turkey

6. Portugal

7. Colombia

8. Mexico

9. Switzerland

10. Australia

As you can see from this enigmatic pictogram and associated histogram there are correlations and inversions which nothing can explain and less surprisingly people from South America are much much more curious about "anal" then the rest of us.

As a whole, the world is much more interested in "anal" than "analysis".

Sorry, this post started off as a more serious announcement about the new Google Trends but I got carried away. Its interesting to play with for like, 30 seconds.

Other trends of note:

  • There has been a decline in people searching for the English language's most offensive word.
  • The second most offensive word has shown a linear continuity over all.
  • There has been a exponential increase in the last 12 months in people searching for google, which is quite strange. Why the would anyone search for "google" in Google??? Actually that's stranger that the anal analysis thing, and I probably could have written a funnier post about that too. But I'm tired. Goodnight.