My Great Mate Solid State and the Quest for Qim.

"Samsung will early next month ship the first notebook PC… fitted with 32GB of solid-state NAND Flash storage instead of a regular hard disk drive…"


Oh so cool. Have you ever heard the rattling swan song of a hard drive's failing bearings? If you have… and you waited a few more days … or weeks (Its happened to me twice) then you will know how the reliance on motion in your PC is something that should belong in antiquity. Like the Bleep Slurp of a 56k modem.

Solid state is great. Its less power hungry, quieter and for the most part faster and more reliable.

I was working on a short story last night, set a few years in the future. One of the themes was the lack of memory in the future (sounds like a riveting short story, huh?). I don’t mean not enough memory, I mean more than ever enough.

QIM - Quasi Infinite Memory

Imagine if you had enough memory to store whatever you could conceive of. Both in terms of storage and processing. It doesn’t matter if the memory is physically about your person or just accessible instantly, the effect is the same.