Cut Copy Paste and the Keyboard Waste

My keyboard has a zillion keys I never or hardly ever use. Remnenats from the days when compuiters were used just by boffins (Notably in the pre-nerdalal in era).

Some keys actally predate the electronic age in their fucntion, for example, why do we have a key that locks away rolled velum manuscriptsin this day and in this age? It is one of the only keys that only has one fucntion....

A key when you want to pause for a break, is that needed?

And there are keys for all manner of characters that just dont belong in the ascii lexicon of any normal person. Do these all need homes of their own? Really?

But what strikes me is that the keyboard has no keys for those three most common of tasks, Cut, Copy, Paste.

Am I missing comething here? (And dont gimme the ctr+v etc speil)