This is Very Funny and Very Scary, 45 Mins

Ahhh the joys of Google Video.

Rob Newman may hold the Guinness World Record for the biggest comedy show ever, he and David Badiel filed Wembly Arena. I never really liked him when he was in his early carear. He seemed smug and way to Oxbridge. I always liked his comedic buddy, Badiel - whose brother I have met twice, oh yes, in those kind of circles.

So Rob Newman, who might be my new hero of the moment, hasn't been in the limelight for a long while. It looks like he has been looking at the world through smart, cynical and very open eyes.

If you have 45 mins to spare then watch this video in your browser:

It will educate and anger and maybe even make you wet yourself with laughter. There are not many 45 minutes I know like that. The last one I remember was in Mexico City in 1992 and involved a a badger/chupacabra hybrid. Zona Rosa anyone?