Futureblog: Lincoln J Tycoon 1

So today I sold my shares in the company, and now I am the worlds 9th dollar-trillionaire. Not bad for a boy from Michigan. I had more money 8 years ago than I could ever possibly spend. And now I am retired. Before I am 50.

I was thinking. This morning. What am I going to do?

I was wondering, where my life... was leading to.

Retired. Infinitly rich.

You are probably thinking, I cant be infinitly rich. But trust, me I am. If I carry this thing on I may even explain how I really became infinitly rich. But the question is right now, what is this thing?

This Thing

This thing
has only been alive about 30 minutes. You see I was sitting on the deck thinking. Jesus, Im retired and infinitly rich, what an earth, or in orbit, am I going to do? Whatver it was, I decided I would document it it. And this, this thing is the start of that documention. Keep Checking back,