Opera Mini

I have never been much of a fan of the Opera Web browser – even way back when the internet was still in Black and White. Not for any reason…

But I have been trying the new Opera Mini for mobile phones and without doubt in my doubting mind, it is a tech design classic.

On the small screen of my Nokia 6230i it works a dream using a sharp tiny custom font, intuitive shortcut keys, fast loading , low bandwidth and great caching.

I can get into Gmail in seconds without having to enter any username and the bookmarking and history is just brilliant.

I also tried it on my Palm OS handheld… it worked as well and natch the screen is bigger… but really, who needs that.

As a guy who has been in the frey of the PDA/Handheld races for well over a decade it is this little java app on my mobile that to me signals the real end of the PDA.

Good work you scandies!