My Spam is as Deeep as An Ocean

I don’t get that many comments to the Blog. This is due largely to the fact I don’t get many visitors. Out ere on a backwater of the world-wide-internet its quiet. Tranquil. Lazy digital days. But of late I have been getting lots of spam comments.

Its not the comments that I hate its that it clogs up my inbox and I cant call the messages from my own site spam so I am trapped. And thus… its goodbye anonymous freedom of speech. If you want to post comments from now on my dear listener, you must be logged in to blogger.

Wham. Spam. No Thank you Ma'am

I don’t hate spammers and their random thrusts

I don’t detest the message to visit a site…

… you know me or some just might.

I don’t mind them littering my floor.

They did it once and they did it some more.

I don’t mind that they hide out of reach

Or force my hand against freedom of speech.

But what really fails to keep the rain,

Is that their sites' are so mundane.