Little Life Changing Thing

I use Google calender and have been for since day one in April. Its great, etc. One of the super key mega features for me is the quick add feature where you type:

Tomorrow call join at 14.00
Next march visit peter
Weapons Inspection report by next Thursday
14th April 2009 Sell XBOX 360 on Ebay...

Thats all very good. But you have to be on the Google calender home page to use it. Which is a bit crappy.

But not anymore, this extension for Firefox means you just press Ctrl+; and this window pops up, you enter the quick add and hey presto, its there in your calender.

Because the "downtime" for adding a calender has gone from a few seconds to zero, everything is better. Its a bit like some benevolent creator has taken my life and added just a drop more honey....

Gosh I'm easy pleased.