The Buddha boy who meditated for ten months, no food or water.

I have just watched the most amazing documentary. It is about Ram Bahadur Bomjom, a Nepalese buy monk who has meditated for ten months without food or water. No lie, many independent experts confirm it, they even showed a time laps of him not moving for 4 days.

He then one day disappeared into the "jungle", then returned a few days later and said something like, "I will be back in five years, ill be fine"

Mind blowing. (If you have read my first bok of "The Final Chapters" the similarity with Hodi is very close.")

Ram Bahadur Bomjon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Let' not forget that Im the very same guy who fell for 911 Conspiracy belief, so don't sell everything and by tickets to Nepal just yet)

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