Poetic Review of the IPOD Touch

I got my ipod touch pre-ordered in the UK. And I have spent a long while thinking about the review and writing a poem about it. Here it is:)

Poetic review of the IPOD Touch

I have the obilisc from 2001 in my pocket,
But it has wi-fi, weighs four point two ounces
Remove the point what have I got?
This pointless meaningless life to touch
Without any real function, you do so much
You sing to me via em-pa-thee
You are so minimally more than all before
When you sleep your depths shine black
My sense of wonder blooms, you tube.
You are media-tech-love viagra
You ooze your very own vitreous lube.
But on one half turn
I learn
That your back is scratched
Your metallic ass thatched
Cracks in the egg,
Turkey hatched?

In summary, the "scratch-magnet" back is really an appalling fault in what is otherwise something close to perfect in terms of concept and design.