My Thoughts on BBC's "The Passion"

The Passion is the BBC's new Easter Special; designed by The Hegemony with just one purpose:

To get bums back on this nation's pews; for just one reason:

To counter the damage done by Richard Dawkins and Tom Cruise to the notion of religious belief, think, "Children of God in Need".

It's an ambitious project - 2 hours of TV that needs to open everyone's eyes to the teachings of both the Kingdom of Heaven and the Word of The Lord; a scope probably not matched in breadth and complexity since Peter Jackson's LOTR Trilogy.

The Passion, based on a script written by The Disciple Formerly Known as Saul, could well have been the epic that it needed to be in order to meet the BBC's conversion targets, but there is one critical flaw.

It's not the miasma of textual contradiction inherent in the script or the fact that The Disciple Formerly Known as Saul was of questionable veracity before two millennia of editing, re-editing and censoring of his original narrative.

It's not even that Pontius Pilate speaks like Rab C Nesbitt.

It's the fact Jesus, in the show, is far too smug.

OK, so he is the Son of God. He knows he's special, but Nazarine or No-zarine, there is just no call for smug.

This Jesus walks the messianic walk, and all that jazz, he can even do humble, but there is always that smug smarmy "holier than thou" look on his face.

If that's the Messiah....maseltov!!!