My thoughts on Jonathan Coulton

I heard this musician talking on this weeks TWIT (133) and thought he sounded smart and funny, didn't really hear his music.

I liked the fact he realsed his work under Creative Commons.

I did an itunes and bought his album for my delightful ipod touch. I liked that album and then acquired, via the Bitorrent fairy, his "Thing a Week" Albums. Now I'm not sure if I stole these or not.... but I am erring on the site of less caution.

Creative Commons means Its OK to act like a common thief about other people's creativity, Discuss

Whats It Like?

Its musically excellent, diverse and interesting... sometimes funky.... sometimes country... eletcronic and acoustic... jazz/blues and blues/jazz.

Lyrically, its of the same caliber, more so.
It crackles with humor and insight and satire and romance and .... futurevisions. We have been thinking laughing and dancing. Super!

He sings about the big things and the little things, and, as any techlarised troubadour must, Flickr, Ikea and Zombies.

It is possible to label all musical experiences and media with a single term. In this case, jinglejanglejungleist, but don't take my word for it, listen to his music in your browser right here on his website.

This is also him, its the credits from the Game, Portal:

Jonathan Coulton, take it to the bridge....