I have been to Disney 3 times in 2 days.

The third time was because, at pain of sanity, I had to bail and come back in the darkness. But there is a darkness, to me, even when the sun is high and bright in the Florida sky.

When I came to pick up my family at 11 last night, my daughters were so happy and excited and jumping and smiling as they recounted the highlights in the neon shadow of Space Mountain.

Disney is the Jerusalem of Consumption.

It is the Circus Maximus for we drones of the Western Hegemony.

The rides are fantastic. But those rides are instants in aeons of purchase and queue. Retinal jolts of excitement in a system designed to take as much of your money and time and focus as possible, whilst still making you feel that you are feeling happy.

Anyway, enough of my cynical hate crimes against Das Mouse und Der Kabal, let's see what the little folk think:

The horror...

The horror......