Booootifully Stupid: let's Boycott Bernard Matthews Turkey products just because they must be stupid.

I have written three poems inspired by the new range of turkey products from Bernard Matthews. I have tried make each poem able to stand on its own thematically, whilst each offers the others stylistic support when they are read one after the other, as intended. I feel that "Drummers" should come first but I am sure a lot of the less buffy poetry slammers might want to try deconstructing it by flipping the order they are read, it's up to you. Incidentally, this paragraph is also a poem.

Turkey Twizzler

Aeons, Bernard Matthews, You have sold turkey eaters turkeys, for tea.
Today,  Bernard Matthews, A new range of turky stuff, You tried to sell me.
But, Bernard Matthews, the name of the range is insane, Are you thick?
What, Bernard matthews, could have led to the Big Green Tick?
Which part of the process of your corportate might
Missed the part about the Turkey's parasites?
The tick?
The tock.
The Penny Drops.

Turkey Drummer

Once I respected you, Though I am not sure why,
You reminded me of an uncle, Wholesome inside.
Bright red cheeks and kinda lame tweed,
Peddling your poultry on my 80's TV.
I wouldn't say I was a big fan, as turkey is kinda dry,
But as Corporate bosses go you seemed my kinda guy,
But you went too far, there is nowhere to go,
There is a big green tick next to big daft bozo.