Review Proporta Silicon Soft Touch Ipod Touch Case

I recently was forcibly upgraded to the new second generation Ipod Touch and this time I was determined to keep it as shiny as new; the back is a magnet for scratches.

In order to do this I got myself a new case for it, from Proporta:

I have been using Proporta PDA cases for years, their innovation and customer support is beyond compare. So they were the first choice - I went and got myself  their new Ipod Touch dual skin case and a screen protector.

I had a Proporta  silicone cases for the first gen Touch, it was good, but wasnt double skinned like this new one. 

Its kinda weird- the double skin - you can see in the picture above how the white skin is beneath the outer black skin -  the of two-tone-tech-bone aesthetic actually increases the look of the Touch, a feat I never thought possible.

I could probably wax on pretentiously about this for a few more paragraphs, but suffice it to say, its the best case for the ipod Touch.

Check it out at