Structure: as the world bursts forth

Think of a point in nothingness,
A zero point.
Nothing can be said about it.
Not size nor shape nor other.
Then, what can I say about it?
That it is.
Can I say it once was not?
Can I say it once will never be?
The same.
This is all we can say.

Suppose another zero point.
The world is now two.
What truths are possible of this pair?
New meanings.
That it has difference.
Does Z1 have difference?
No, all is same.
Just the two?
And all past that.
Difference entails that there is this and that.
And that this is not that.
And all and only that is that.
And if there is this and that.
Then there is this.
And there is that.
And if there is neither.
then there is none.

Imagine Z3.
The world bursts forth.
Properties emerge from nothing.
Connectivity and interconnectivity
From these.
All structures flow.
Imagine Z1->Z3
From these:
Existence, Identity, Connection
All structures flow.