MSN Messenger 8. Why?

Today I tried the brand new Messenger 8 beta

I expect things to get better as they evolve. Animals do it. Plants do it. Computers do it. We are all spending loads on this hardware to make things faster. Its easy to be flippant about the odd megahertz but, Time is the most valuable thing in existence. It is much more valuable than space and slightly more valuable than reason. It is significantly more valuable than money.

Software should always get better.

So you you are managing an evolving system say for example MSN Messenger 8 and you are thinking "how can we make this better?" one surefire way is to make it faster. Not slower. You might not make it faster, that's not essential, but it is essential you don't make it slower.

Messenger 8 is discernibly more sluggish.It just is. Blame it on the beta or whatever, it shouldn't be like this.

So, Messenger 8, it's better. Why then is it slower? It is discern ably slower. Sluggish.