The Search for Wok

Google on censoring Chinese search results.

Was it good to do or bad? Are they evil or secret saints whose mission will emerge from the mire of post-communist decay? Can I really stop using Google when they have all my mails for the last few months on there evil servers?

I dunno, but here are the key points:

  1. If Google refused to do this it is assumed that the Chinese’s dictatorship would just block them from China. Which would mean less information to the Chinese population.
  2. Is it the job of companies to pressure governments? Isn’t that what governments should do? We (The west) trade with China, China makes our stuff, it’s the biggest growing economy. Can you really criticise Google if you yourself are tacitly supporting the Chinese dictator ship with your MP3 player and T-Shirt.
  3. The main thrust of the media against Google isn’t against Google per se but against their claim to be a righteous doer of negative evil (Or “good “, as its known in some of the more “fairy” circles).
  4. As Google say, to paraphrase, you cannot have perfect solutions in an imperfect world.
  5. This guy:

These are all fascinating avenues for discussion. However, what it seems people have been over looking is that Google is also censoring the search results it provides for us – about many things CHINESE.

That is correct, Google is censoring both ways.

There are many secrets to the Chinese world, cuisine, history, culture and geography that Google is not allowed to tell us about... but the Discovery channel can and does:

How do you make 1,000 year old eggs in just an hour? What really is Tofu and why doesn't it taste like it should? What is underneath that big hill with the terracotta army standing guard? (Discovery channel was only partially certain on this one (rivers of mecrucry, yada yada)). How can a guy who is older than my dad, and looks like my gran, lift me off the ground with his forearm? (ibid. on the Discovery). How do you make trainers that cost as much in my supermarket as a bag of apples? (Not on the Discovery channel in any sense)

What does wok mean?