Hotel Hot Hell

My hotel is situated just 2 minutes walk from the Sri Lankan office. This is its only plus side. Every other side faces hot dirty grey concrete… Its not even a bad hotel, in theory.

But aside from the lack of charm there is a far darker side to it. It isn’t the junkie beggars or the whores or air-con that only wants me to sleep in a cryogenic state. It isn’t the staff.

It’s the TV.

  1. I can handle BBC World, even if it is through a snow storm.
  2. I can handle the endless repeats about the violinist Vanessa Mae (But I would rather she didn’t)
  3. I can handle the occasional repeat about how nice Galatia is (It has better hotels than Colombo, it seems).

Where I draw the line is right about here:

When I came here first 2 or so weeks ago there was a channel that was showing tech shows. Stories on innovations and ideas from the world of technology. Yum Yum Wonderful. Right up my street. But as I watched these shows something was amiss.

A tech de ja vue. A premonition inverta. A schism in the continuum?

I watched the Quake 3 Championship, one of the most boring television times I had spent. I waited around to see the date of the show. 2001. A 4+ year old TV show about a 5+ year old game, this was just wrong. This couldn’t be. Please help me. There is one thing worse than dated game/tech shows and that is when they are on a channel called….



"The TV Channel is called NOW."

Please, spammers and hackers and governments and corporations of the world. Help me.

Help us.

I need lawyers spewing Cease and Desists, scripters pumping out DNS attacks. This vile blasphemy of anti-temporal televisual hypocrisy must be destroyed. Does anyone know how resilient Anthrax is to Tropical climes?

On a lighter and more current note, I just watched Spielberg’s “Munich” at the movies. It was pretty good. I missed the first ten mins bit but woooo, over-competitiveness in sport can be a terrible thing.