Review: Freecom 3.5 Network Media Player

Total Media Freedom is the state whereby one can access any media from any where at any time and in any place. We aren't there yet, but for a fair few years I have been trying to get there - mainly through PDAs and lots of PCs in ugly places with cables that are more ugly.

The PC in the lounge exploded a few months ago and has not been replaced. This was actually a good thing because it was very very noisy due to a fan that was once part of the Enola Gaye's propeller manifold.

So, this week I received a Freecom Media Player kit. Its about the size of a car stereo and has a big hard drive in it. It has a simple, slowish interface. You plug it into your TV. You can hook it to your network, but I don't see the point. Its great. It was sooo cheap for what it is, about $110 or 80 nicker.

It plays movies, xvids, DVD over the network, mp3s and oggs and shows jpegs. It aint fancy and it aint top fly.

But its just so fit for its simple purpose, well made and doesn’t look to bad either – thought it wont win any design awards.

If you want a basic semi-portable system for your media then this baby is worth checking out. If you do get one, get one without the hard drive and put an old or cheaper 3.5 inch drive in, which is really easy to do.

See it here: