Google Calender

Google Calander

I haven’t been blogging since I left home, but I have come out of the tropical wood work to say that Google Calendar is out.

I’m signed up and using from this hot hot 'net cafe.

Its looking great. Simple, fast (even on this line - ohhh... ajax baby) and looking pretty feature perfect.

The only downsides I can see with it so far are:

  1. It doesn’t seem to have tasks management, which surely every calendar should? At least any one I want to use.
  2. There is no way to export the calendar. This is essential to have faithful use.

Aside form being a good interface and functionality it has this potentially wondrous thing:

Natural language entry

AT LAST – For many things we need to do on computers text is just the fastest simplest and all round best way to do things. GCal is the first mainstream system I have seen to use this well. There is a little link “Quick Add” which brings up a text box…

“Call john tomorrow”

“Complete blab la bla by Tuesday”

“be in Acapulco by next week”

You enter these and it instantly works out what your saying and the event is created. This is so neat. If it doesn’t get what you mean (“Call john in one month”) it brings up the normal event entry box. Which is a good fall back.

I’m sure over time this feature will just get better and better.

Google Calendar I think will be huge. Holistically bigger than Gmail because they are bound to become entwined. Good tech. Good tech.

Back to the sun and the big fish.