I am Google’s Bitch

I have just this moment moved 133 of my Writley documents to my Google Account. Work stuff, Blog stuff, writings, notes, my book, short stories, legal contracts, CV, poems and top secret recipes for inedible foodstuffs.

Its time for a stock-take as to what Google now has under my account:

  • All of My Mails. (Gmail)
  • All of my photos. (Piccasia Online)
  • My spreadsheets. (Google Spreadsheets)
  • My browsing history and book marks. (Google Browser sync plugin for firefox)
  • My notes (Google Notebook which is getting bigger)
  • My search history.
  • My Writings (Writley)
  • My Calendar (Google calendar)
  • My Address, Credit cards and Work Details (We use Adwords and Adsense at work)
  • This Blog (Blogger)
  • My newsgroup searches and posts.

There is probably more, stuff I don’t even know about me.

Should I be worried?

Here is my reasoning: For Google to survive long term it needs to preserve trust absolutely within its account holding community, ergo, be more than scrupulous.

This is the relationship, I think, in a nutshell:

“You let us manage and analyse all of your information. We will advertise to you more effectively (for both parties) than if we didn’t have this information. In return, we provide a system that increases the benefit to you within an integrated whole.”

No company on the planet needs to be trusted so much by it's users than Google. Not even the church. And for that reason, I am trusting them until I have reason not to.