Review: SPV M3100

The SPV M3100 is the Orange badged version of the latest HTC Smartphone, and its is a beauty.

I had the XDA Mini S a few weeks ago and took it back because of call quality. But this phone is awesome.

  • It hasnt crashed.
  • Its fast.
  • The Wireless is great.
  • The secret slide out Qwerty keyboard a godsend.
  • The 2Meg camera is surprisingly high quality.
  • It has a jog wheel.
  • Voice dial is instant.

I have it in a Proporta case which works really well as a combo.

Sometimes in one's tech life you reach a plateau where there isn't really anywhere higher to go, at least not there and then. I think I'm there now with this phone.

Two weeks in and I want for nothing except free data, eternal batteries and more of everything.