Messages from the Grave, Music at my Funeral.

I signed up with this site It costs a pound or 2 dollars/euros.

The idea is that you write messages and set instructions just in case you die, unexpectedly. Then if you get "hit by a bus" the site has a number of smart and esoteric ways to find out if you are dead and it will action your messages and instructions.

So for example, I can write a letter to my wife, upload a video for my kids and send postmortem emails to friends and other family. But it raises the question, how far do you go? I would quite like to send a message to some old school friends, but would they be freaked out? I have a friend from uni called Toby who I aint seen for years but I could probably get his email. He lives far away and we were always more "real time".

But imagine if on a Saturday morning he got an email or letter:

"Hi Toby

Its Me, if you are reading this then that means I have died unexpectedly and, I hope, dramatically. So I just wanted to say that....

.... I wish you a good life and it was great knowing you...


Would he be happy? I think probably. Not happy that I was dead but that he got a little personal message from me, after death. I would like one from him.

But then it gets sinister. I have another friend from my childhood who turned out to be a racist bigot homophobe who I no longer speak with. Should I mail him postmortem and call him mean names?

This site is weird in that extends ones possibility to have an effect after death. I love that concept.

In the FAQ onsite there is a big description of how they will prevent what would be horrendous false positives. At the end of the day they are hedging their bets that ,in their savvy net-using demographic, not many members will die relative to user numbers. This way, they claim, they will be able to afford to not action any postmortem instructions until a human has confirmed the death. I guess its true that they dont want their members to die because it costs them. Not a job I would like, but in a site like this, someone has to do it.

In one of the sections you can specify songs for your funeral. I won’t say the ones I have chosen, but one is "Peaches En Regalia". So, If I die and that is not at my funeral, please hunt down this site's owners and sue them for my pound back.