Reminisces: Famous people I have met, part the First.

I have a thing about famous people. I cant see a celebrity without at least starting up a conversation, getting their autograph or stalking them for 3 years.

So this post is simply a list of famous people I have met, where by met I mean had a conversation with of more than “hi”. I note with interest that many of the people on this list do not have a similar list on their website with my name on it. I have a list of famous people I have merely seen, but that can wait until the “meets” have been exhausted.

If your not from the UK this list wont mean much to you.

  • Jarvis Cocker (Singer, artist, TV presenter, critique and dude): I have met Jarvis a number of times in the last ten years. I first met him a a festival in Finsbury Park in about 1995. I had way to many cups of coffee that day and had a long chat with him about celebrity along the lines of “what’s it like to be famous”. He was very nice. I have since met him at an art gallery opening, another festival and a club frequented by dominatrixes, again with lots of strong coffee. Great at being famous.
  • Martin Freeman (Actor, The Office, Ali G and much more): Not a week goes by without either my wife or myself saying “he was at our wedding”. And that’s because of this guy. He was going out with my cousin and was very nice. I actually met him at a hotel family doo a few weeks earlier, again, lovely chap.
  • Marc Almond (Singer, famous homosexual): This encounter could probably have a blog post all of its own because it categorically puts squash to a long running urban legend about Mr Almond. It was downstairs in Freedom bar in central London (He owns part of it), he was standing alone, I went up and started talking. We talked for a few minutes and then, I asked him very slowly carefully and politely... if the story about him collapsing on stage and the stomach pump was true. He said it was not, pretty categorically. I felt he wasn’t often asked this question but I also felt a party of him wished that the story was true. Very friendly, very nice, very gay.
  • Felix Burton(Half of Basement Jaxx). Great guy and still friends with friends. I once spent a night in a hotel room with him in Blackpool. I won't say how this occurred because it will make it sound more exciting than it was. By all accounts Felix hasn't let his fame and wear his head@, bravo.
  • Jon Ronson (Writer Journalist): I met him in blackpool the morning after Felix and I had shared a room. I walked up to him in the street, is was very genuinely friendly and we talked for about five mins about his TV show that I had seen the week before.
  • Mark Walliams (Comedian, Swimmer): I saw him just before he got famous for Little Britain at the theater seeing the guy from Marion and Geoff. I spoke to him along the lines of “Hey your very funny you are.” He replied “Thank you very much”. We had a moment.
If you think this list is scraping the bottom of the fame barrel;, wait till you see the next one:p