Review: A traditional barbershop cutthroat shave

I haven't ever had a cutthroat shave until bout ten mins ago in a Sri Lankan barbers. The reader of this blog will know that I have a bit of a thing about razors and felt that I had found my shaving heaven with the new Gillette:

So, this cost me 35p and it is a good close shave. I had a big old "traveling beard" to get rid of and it came of a breeze once I got used to the dude being so close to my jugular, and all that. The verdict, it isn't as close as a brand new Gillette but its pretty close. Much closer than any other means I have experienced but there is still the follicular anisotropy (I hope that's the first time that phrase has been used in the history of the universe) that you can manage to transcend with the Gillettes.