Salted Review #2: Enso. OMG Thats so clever...

I remember a story, I don't know if its true, that a man went to Bryant and May and said "If you give me a millionj pounds I will tell you something that will save you many millions over the years."

They said yes to the offer and paid up.

The man tells them, "Only put the strike paper on one side of the box."

When you have installed Endso you end up at a web page that tells you:

Hold down Cap's key
Look up

I paused. And did as the she said. There it was. The "command bit". It's a bit of the top of your screen that is there when you have the caps key down.

And it has gone when you lift it up.

There when the caps key is down.

And gone when it is not.






I am starting to feel that the metaphore here is apt. This is so clever. Nobody really uses. I mean you might get SOME FLAMERS WHO REALLY LIKE TO BATTER YO' ASS with it or my cousin Marcus. Nobody should use the caps lock key and yet every keyboard has one.


Now... lets just take a peek and see if when you do hold down the key you can do cool stuff....