Salted Review #3: Enso the command interface?

Everything about the Enso command interface is perfect, or as close as I can imagine. With one caveat:

The available command list is impoverished. This is it:

  • calculate (four-function)
  • capslock off
  • capslock on
  • close
  • command list
  • copy
  • cut
  • go
  • google
  • help
  • hide mini messages
  • learn as open
  • lower case
  • maximize
  • minimize
  • open with
  • open
  • paste
  • preferences
  • put
  • quit
  • report bug
  • undo unlearn
  • unlearn open
  • unmaximize
  • update
  • upper case
I wanted to be dropping events into my Google calender without needing my browser.

I wanted to be zipping off one line emails in just a couple of instants.

But instead I a have so few commands to choose.

Ill keep an eye on this one. But until it has some killer commands it isn't the killer app I was looking for.