Would you drink from a drink that a cat had drunk?

We have two new kittens. Awwww......

Printed with permission, todays email chat with my friend the vet:

Hi Jon

So the last 3 nights I get into bed with a pint of squash on the bedside... and within moments one of the kittens is drinking from it. I'm like, "yuck" and I throw it away. Would you drink from a drink that a cat had drunk?


Thanks in advance....

And Jon replies with the only answer you need to such a question:

Frequently do – one of my cats (and we have seven now) has a real thing for Baileys.

The only two common problems that you stand even the remotest chance of catching from your cat is :-

  • Toxoplasmosis – about 80% of the UK population have antibodies against this anyway from eating under cooked lamb. Causes flu like signs for a few days then cured for life.
  • Toxocara – only really a problem to children under the age of about 14yrs.

Remember that every time you stroke your cat and then don’t wash your hands, you are effectively picking up saliva residue from their fur where they have groomed earlier on in the day.

I might be a little more cautious if your cat had been bottom washing ten minutes previously as that is just starting to get a little gross for me then!


Jon says if any of you want the answer to any vet/livestock, exotic animal related question just email;P