I'm leaving on a jet plane.

On Saturday I'm going away for three weeks to the Sri Lankan office and I am going to be going portable.My new one is in for repairs.... my old one is dead.... but my very old laptop still lives

This very old laptop is a beast. A juggernaught of sloth. When I got it it was the bees knees of "Desktop replacements". Its an AJP something or other....

Its big. Its slow. Its broken. It has heritage. No other device on the planet has that much connection to me. It stinks.

I probably wont take it.....

For the first time I am going to take everything on a USB key ring cloned onto an SD card in my wallet. Encrypted with our own software and buzzing with stuff. I'm writing this on the Keyring now.

In addition to this, today I squeezed 25cl of SPF 40 sunblock into an old hair "magic" pump dispsenser of J's. I have KING OF SHAVES shaving foam in tiny bottle - its not that great, but its small.

Roadwired case for the Tech. The works. Today, I had to buy a suitcase. I came back with a suitcase that could contain a small pony.

Here is a pic of it.