This last week I have been distracted by a system that is emerging in work that we are using to manage all of our tasks.

The system we are calling ToDoQue and I think it really might be great. But I could be wrong. The problem I am having with assessing it is that is just sooooo very simple. Perhaps to simple.

Anyone can use it on any computer and most mobile phones and handhelds. It can even be diverted into and out of pen and paper.

Its a collection of, currently, 5 conventions to do with managing items. I have been working on the detailed doc of it for a week and ill link to it here when its done in some sensible state.

The potential is huge because its so fundamentally simple that it can be passed from a noivce user, consistently and coherently, right up a task chin into say, Project or backpack or any kind of management system

And when you use ToDoQue in a system like writley, ms word or even email/ file renaming (any system that preserves version changes and allows collaboration) the potential for analysis and project management really erupts.

I have in my life written a number of note taking kind of idea/project management software and in work we have tried to design 2 sophisticated business management systems, one of which is still in development. But I am starting to think that ToDoQue might be the key for management systems from personal shopping lists, to life goals, business projects and organization interactions.