Go Nuclear

So its all hotting up in the news about whether we should go Nuclear in terms of power.

Of course the answer is yes

Many of this worlds problems are fuelled by our dependence on fossil fules. From environmental problems through to wars and in some senses the current "war on terror"; all have been supported or amplified by fossil fuel use and production.

"Atomkraft Nein Danke". A sticker I remeber seeing on a toilet wall in Pfortzheim, germany.

The Real Argument For Nuclear Power

Lets assume that we go nuclear as a planet. Gradually and as safely as possible. There will be deaths. There will be accidents. There will be leaks. There will be two-headed newts. Make no mistake on this, no system that coverts power on such a huge level is without risk. But, even all this damage, is surely just a fraction of the damage that we will cause to geopolitical stability, the environment, the future, If we continue to use up the rest of the fossil.

Its a no brainer. We have to go nuclear.

Traditional environmentalists are very against nuclear power. I have never understood this really. They don’t want fossil fuels and they don’t want Atomkraft but we cannot get the power we need from the wind and the waves and the sun. Not at feasible technology levels in any time soon.

Put the Nukes Where Its Crap

There is a fact about our planet that is this:

Some parts of Earth are more crap than others.

Big chunks of Siberia, for example, are just so harsh and hostile and unfun that for the tiny population that the land sustains its a living hell of vodka/petrol cocktails and always not enough layers.

Is it wrong to ask people to move from their homes so that you can build a Nuclear Power station in their homeland, if you reimburse them for lifelong great quality of life, in somewhere like the Bahamas?

Can we not just be adult as a planet and say to each other “Lets move the people from the bad areas of the planet and put the bad stuff in the bad areas.”

Whenever you are thinking of an issue in geoethics. Whatever righteous solution you have in your head its useless if it doesn’t feed and water everyone alive.

And all of their children.