This is The Salted Solution

So its 2006 and all is well. I have started about 4 blogs in the past. Things about specific things, software devlopment or philosophy.

The fact these things were so specific meants that the blogs just died. Im to flitting of thought to be able to be specific for too long.

Then just now I had the idea of starting a newpost about things I like about Gmail. And then that idea grew into an idea of a gmial blog (I know there are some already). But, what with other things getting me off technologicaly (Writley, Portable Apps and second life) and conceptually right now, I thought, How about a blog of it all.

The whole pile of stuff that I could write about if i think about it.

So this is it, this is my diary and my notebook. Ill try to avoid rambling, I will be 100% honest I will try to be 100% Typo free, but I will fail. Drastically.

Bear in mind this is the 5thish blog I have started, the odds are not good that it will last.

But I have a fair bit of material already written for this that I can always call on. So the chances are good.

Can I just say, (This is a phrase I use allot), that just a few mins ago I tried to create an account in Jive journal and the little "random characters" a the bottom didnt show. So here I am, on blogger.

Bye for now!