Tom Cruise Come Out Of The Closet

This is a 5 min clip from an episode of South Park that is definatly funny.

Which reminds me...

"A Gay Icon Called Tom"

If Tom Cruise is not Gay, then which famous Toms might be?

Here are the contenders so far....

Tom Selleck, the darling of the Hawaii set. A prime example of Homo Erectus.
This Tom has the smile and the accent, a real god of Welsh gyration. He is smart, but is he kind?
He was "Glad to Be Gay", then he was not gay and now, guess who wants to be a Gay icon again? Mr Robinson, can you be trusted?

Who will win the title "A Gay Icon Called Tom"?

Will Tom Selleck become champion of the bout? Will he be battered around the ring by Tom Robinson? Will Tom Jones deploy his infamous Sex Bomb? Will outside forces play their hand by combating Tom Hanks and Tom Beringer against the victor?

We will never know.