Sleep Easy Lightweight Travel Cot Amazing


This is perhaps the most awe inspiring Travel Cot ever made. It combines supreme design elegance with that compact fold away methodology that real world class travel cots should have. If there was a magazine all about TravelCots this little marvel would be on the front cover EVERY MONTH!!!!

But don't take our word for it,read the facts:

  1. Made of Durable Polyester that is not only easy to clean but will form a fetching compliment to any early 90s shell suits you have left.
  2. Comes complete with a hand washable soft mattress to pad the little babies as they dream away contented in their simply beautiful travel cot.
  3. Has a special Zipon mesh cover to protect babies from insects and pets. If your pet is an anaconda I'm not sure how much protection the mesh will afford. Never leave babies and dangerous pets in the same room unattended, with or without the mesh covering.
  4. Product size 90L x 50W x 55H cm. Suits babies from birth until the child can sit up.

Comes supplied with fold away bag with the label even attached. You will be amazed as to how small this thing folds away to.The best way I can describe it is about the volume of a rugby ball that has been squashed so that it is 4 inches thick.

Putting it away is really easy....once you have the knack, which takes about 2 attempts and not only requires mastery of Kung Fu but Sudoku as well!!!

Fold away instructions included and easy to follow.
Allin all, if you have a baby or want one this is the ideal travel cot.

Happy bidding and remeber, a child is for life not just to try out a this great travel cot.