Battle of the Gadget Technologies

In the battle of the PDA, Media Player, Phone and Camera I think the victor will be the camera. For it to advance will require physical changes (lenses, flashes, zoom…) whereas for the others the changes will largely be in sw and computation. So the camera needs all the space to advance competetivly. So the camera will form the baseline form factor.

I would like all of these in a pen. Not just a biro. A nice pen. That records my handwriting.

So, a Pen that has:

  1. A sooth constant flow of deep black ink.
  2. An MP3 player
  3. A radio
  4. An "any medium" handwriting recognition system that stores text as both image, vector and ASCII.
  5. Full bluetooth.
  6. A Phone that Records sound at the tip and plays it at the thumb-end, or plays it via a bluetooth in hear speaker.
  7. It can record voice dictation a ladragon dictate.
  8. A fully liquid (OLED) suface that can display text and images on the surface of the pen.
  9. An Eraser