Webstat Revelations: is Foldera Vapourware?

So, I was just looking at the webstats for this blog. And I noticed 3 things:

  1. My Dad looks like he has stopped reading it.
  2. There seem to be some regularish readers now.
  3. By far most of my hits came from a post I did about Foldera a few weeks ago. They all came from this page.

A Foldera Era Maybe Isn't Nearer

  1. So someone in Foldera has made a logo for this very Blog (as in hand made) and put it up on ther Foldera site..
  2. Richard Lusk, the CEO of Foldera has left a comment on this Blog in my first post about Foldra.
  3. But, after over a zillion emails to various addresses I still cant get on the beta.
  4. If you Google search Foldera you get about 175,000 entries. If you search the actual news, you get less than 20. Is that significant?
  5. I keep pretty abreast of the tech scene, The first mention of Foldera was that it had 750 k subscribers. It surprised me think that "I hadn’t heard of it".

    I am starting to sniff the vapour of the underwear here.

Foldera seems like it is a consistent, commutative, collaborative combination of :

Hamchi +Writeley+Google Calander + Gmail + Project +Outlook + MSN

I don’t think you need to know anything about tech to know that whatever those things above are, the sum is, BIG.

Its that kind of leap and bound that if they are pulling it of with the kind of quality that we expect of software today, it is going to be truly huge.

Is it vapourware? Answers on a postcard please.