Bye Bye Writely Baby Bye Bye

I have had an affair with Writely. For a time it was beautiful. She seemed so good.

Writely, the online word processor.

I have been using it 3 months. We have been using in in-house and with clients. It held our company todoque and still does.

The problem is that it seems to have slowed down. I don't know if it has slowed down. Or if systems seem slower after use and familiarisation. But its slow now.

Right now I am using word again for all notes and mails and posts and things. The time to do is less, even with words sluggish start-up.

I can be writing in Writely in just a few sessions and MS Word in much longer but in the end, word is more productive.

The Collaborative aspect of Writely is excellent. It has really sophisticated document version control (It seems based in a page-line as a database-item principle).

I love the fact you can have all your documents accessible anywhere with internet.

It is too slow. Sluggish. Slothfull.