My Love Of Tech

My Love Of Tech

I love tech. I really do. I was sitting here writing something for work and it struck me how much I love tech.

I really think that most people don’t get this. None of my family do, a few of my friends do and some folk I know from the internet or pod casts do. Well this post is for those of you who don’t love the tech. I am not criticising you or judging you, even though probably think I am a nerd or geek (terms that some people now find complimentary).

My love affair with tech began in 1980 when on holiday in Hong Kong. I spent my holiday spending money on this Casio calculator/ alarm clock /stop watch and….. “tell you the day of your birthday on any year back to 1901” functions that I wish PDAs and phones had built in today.

The calculator was the absolute business in terms of what it could do for an 11 year old boy who was really bad at maths. This was until the ZX81 came out and, for Christmas in 1982, I got one. Then I was really hooked.

I loved then and I love still the way technology can give you more time and freedom and challenge than its absence.

This one goes out to my wife....

An Ode To Tech

You can be beautiful. The way you make see.

Tech is not body
Tech is not soul.

Tech is things and systems that can help you.
Tech is funk.
Your life better. Easier. More interesting.

The way you can know the answer without remembering.

I look at the tech in my world.

I see extension. Limb. Faculty.

Good tech stays good for an age.

Fades but is respected always.

Bad tech dissolves, if it even starts.

There is an efficiency to tech and its propagation.

This inhenent efficiency enforces quality and value.

Is this the same with cars or ready meals?

Tech is not the application of technology, it is the technology.