Shami Chakrabarti For President and or Prime Minister

Prim Minister: Shami Chakrabarti

This is my prediction. I am taking bets.

The Beerphifany of St Carlsberg

I like to drink beer. It’s good. But as I get older I am finding my tolerance for hangovers is decreasing. They seem worse and I seem less able to deal with them. At 25 a hangover was a morning of discomfort but now, at 35, it has the additional "bonus afternoon of malaise".

I drink export lager that is 5% alcohol. The thought of drinking “gay beer”, that wallows in shame at the 3.5% mark, has always filled me with horror. It is a short sip from gay beer to shandy, and from shandy you can see the bitter horizon of failure.

But here is my dilemma. I don’t want a day taken out by the 5%. It’s just not worth it any more. So last night, I went out and I didn’t drink the export larger (well, I had one “starter pint”). I drank 3.5% (normal) larger. And whilst imbibing this lifeless urine of the hop, I had a realisation:

5% beer is nearly 50% more alcoholic than 3.5% beer.

Export larger is essentially a different drink to normal lager, in the same way, and proportion, as sherry is to wine.

I don’t have a hangover today. I feel good. I have exercised and the day is full of things to embrace. But in my heart, I know things changed last night.

The First Ever Review of Google Docs

I have justed logged into my writley docs and yabba yabba, its all changed:) Gosh it looks functional!

My text docs and spreadsheets are all in one list. It has that pallid/utility/washed out Google appearance but other than that, me oh my, it is dandy.

I think this is the first ever review of Google Docs on the Internet!!!

Which is why its minimal.

My eNovella is Published!

Hi Dear Reader,

I have publsihed my eNovella, "The Final Chapters, Book One" in the popular and cross platform TomeRaider format. You don't need to purchase TomeRaider to read this ebook as it "plays for free" on Palm, Pocket PC, Windows and I think Smartphones.

Its set in the very near future and I guess the closest genre it belongs to would be "Tech Fiction with a Thriller/Philosophy fusion against a back drop of geopolitical intrigue and the misuse of both recreational pharmaceuticals and someone else's phone". In a nut shell.

Download it from the Editors Picks section of

And the reader here:

If you have any comments on it I would love to hear them, and I'll send you a free signed eBook - I guess that means ill attach Jpeg of my signature to the book:P



Ctr+T is the new Ctrl+V which was the new Ctrl+C

Julie has been using firefox for a while, but never in a kind of... progressive sense. But I have shown her Tabs and how they really enhance browsing and now she is getting into their value.

"How do you start a new tab again?"


"Ohh yea."

Tabs are to interfaces what...

Imagine the planet as a whole system. And that system has a certain amount of effectiveness in any given time frame.

Now imagine version A of the planet, in which people use the mouse to perform tasks like cut, copy, past... and version B where they use shortcut keys.

I have calculated that Planet B has an productivity gain and reciprocal mean energy saving of something over 0%!!!! That is a shocking statistic.

If you care about your planet, use shortcut keys for common tasks.