Salted Eggs: An argument for vegan eggs.

After a over month of being a L1 fundamentalist vegan, I am now a level 2 Vegan Skeptic: I do not want to support suffering. I do not not want to assume what suffering is.  I do not want to assume which things can  suffer.

Applying Cartesian principles to the vegan question, I am forced by reason to conclude that some chickens' eggs are probably vegan.

I think there are many arguments supporting the conclusion that  some eggs can be vegan. Here is one:

Veganism is hard. Eggs make it easier (in terms of both experience and wellbeing). Therefore, by eating *eggs, vegans are more likely to remain vegan. Therefore, by eating *eggs, vegans are increasing the maximum potential suffering reduction of Veganism.

*eggs- for example: the tenth egg taken from a feral chicken's nest, would, in my opinion, be totally cool to eat. Vegan healthy yumminess.