My Cat Has Just Pithed On My Laptop

I have a pretty new laptop.
I just caught my cat Pissing on it.
Squatting there smack back on the QWERT side of the keyboard.
Dont Panic!
No, DO panic, what was I supposed to do?
I tried a little shake, but it was soon clear that the cats piss was all the way through.
I thought of options...
I unplugged it and took the battery out.
It was leeking this stinky, watery syrup. Horrible.
In the end, based just on the fact that I had washed a cheap keyboard and once dry that worked. I dismantled this tabula pissa.
I took out the hard drive and the case and took it to the bathtub
And showered it fully: the reasoning being that it would be better wet,
Than rancid with cat piss.
Will it live?
We shall see....


I have been to Disney 3 times in 2 days.

The third time was because, at pain of sanity, I had to bail and come back in the darkness. But there is a darkness, to me, even when the sun is high and bright in the Florida sky.

When I came to pick up my family at 11 last night, my daughters were so happy and excited and jumping and smiling as they recounted the highlights in the neon shadow of Space Mountain.

Disney is the Jerusalem of Consumption.

It is the Circus Maximus for we drones of the Western Hegemony.

The rides are fantastic. But those rides are instants in aeons of purchase and queue. Retinal jolts of excitement in a system designed to take as much of your money and time and focus as possible, whilst still making you feel that you are feeling happy.

Anyway, enough of my cynical hate crimes against Das Mouse und Der Kabal, let's see what the little folk think:

The horror...

The horror......

Jesus Did Not Exist

America is drowned in Jesus,
Like the seabed in the sea,
The facts of this immersion,
Come not from history.

The facts of this perversion,
Are the lies of centuries.

There is zero evidence for Jesus,
Not a jot, a dot, an iota.
And the weight of faith versus fact,
Infinity exceeds it's dismal quota.

Not one contemporary writing,
Mentions Christ, Son of Man,
The gospels manly fabricated,
By dishonest political hand.

Jesus did not exist,
The facts cannot be missed,
This is the epiphany of truth;
The flock are Judas kissed.

Summery Road Trip Summary

The road trip part of the holiday is now over.
We drove the eastern seaboard.
Highlights were:

  • New York: After London, she is still in the top two world cities. Bigger than London but Beefeaters trump Skyskrapers every time. (Including Trump Towers)
  • Amish People: I saw these in a buggy, they seemed historical. I wanted to give them my Ipod touch but it might implode their reality
  • Washington: Great city architecturally. Poetically, Mordor.
  • Walking With Dinosaurs Live: Impressive, but they are just models, kids.
  • Richmond: Pleasant, avoid Vietnamese Food due to it being the worst food inside the continent.
  • Colonial Williamsburg: Hot and fairly interesting.
  • Jamestown: Hot and pretty amazing.
  • Charleston: Very pretty. The Slave Market was for buying and selling slaves, not for where plantation owners send their "staff" to get sprouts etc
  • Savannah: Wonderful place in so many senses. I had the best oysters and Bloody Mary I have ever had, all in the same sitting. Bonanza!
  • St Augustine: I dreamed I saw St Augustine... and it wasn't a dream, but real. Nice place, worth visiting, probably not worth selling up and shipping out to.

We are now in Florida.

Did you know that Columbus never set foot on the continent, that was another Spaniard called Juan Ponce de Leyon.