Review Proporta Silicon Soft Touch Ipod Touch Case

I recently was forcibly upgraded to the new second generation Ipod Touch and this time I was determined to keep it as shiny as new; the back is a magnet for scratches.

In order to do this I got myself a new case for it, from Proporta:

I have been using Proporta PDA cases for years, their innovation and customer support is beyond compare. So they were the first choice - I went and got myself  their new Ipod Touch dual skin case and a screen protector.

I had a Proporta  silicone cases for the first gen Touch, it was good, but wasnt double skinned like this new one. 

Its kinda weird- the double skin - you can see in the picture above how the white skin is beneath the outer black skin -  the of two-tone-tech-bone aesthetic actually increases the look of the Touch, a feat I never thought possible.

I could probably wax on pretentiously about this for a few more paragraphs, but suffice it to say, its the best case for the ipod Touch.

Check it out at

Is Nick Berry More than We Think?

Today, for reasons unassociated with this moment, I was deconstructing Nick Berry's groundbreaking song, "Every looser Wins," and in it  found a depth and poinancy I was genuinly not expecting.  Is this a Threnody for the Victims of The Hegemony?  I'll let you decide,

Every Looser Wins

We nearly made it 
We nearly found the perfect combination 
The road was right, we must have read the signs wrong 
And now it's all gone 

But if we'd made it 
Could we be sure that it was for the better 
Who could say we would have stayed together 
Nothing is certain, in a changing world 

Every loser wins, once the dream begins 
In time we'll see, fate holds the key 
And every loser knows, the light eternal shows 
Will shine on you, and all those who knew 
We nearly made it 

Suddenly we seemed to stop and lose our way 
But did it really matter anyway 
For that was yesterday 
And we must live for now 

Coz every loser wins, once the dream begins 
In time we'll see, fate holds the key 
And every loser knows, the light eternal shows 
Will shine on you, and all those who knew 
We nearly made it 

Stand up and count me 
I know you're on my side 
Shine down on me 
And those who believe 
That we can make it

Booootifully Stupid: let's Boycott Bernard Matthews Turkey products just because they must be stupid.

I have written three poems inspired by the new range of turkey products from Bernard Matthews. I have tried make each poem able to stand on its own thematically, whilst each offers the others stylistic support when they are read one after the other, as intended. I feel that "Drummers" should come first but I am sure a lot of the less buffy poetry slammers might want to try deconstructing it by flipping the order they are read, it's up to you. Incidentally, this paragraph is also a poem.

Turkey Twizzler

Aeons, Bernard Matthews, You have sold turkey eaters turkeys, for tea.
Today,  Bernard Matthews, A new range of turky stuff, You tried to sell me.
But, Bernard Matthews, the name of the range is insane, Are you thick?
What, Bernard matthews, could have led to the Big Green Tick?
Which part of the process of your corportate might
Missed the part about the Turkey's parasites?
The tick?
The tock.
The Penny Drops.

Turkey Drummer

Once I respected you, Though I am not sure why,
You reminded me of an uncle, Wholesome inside.
Bright red cheeks and kinda lame tweed,
Peddling your poultry on my 80's TV.
I wouldn't say I was a big fan, as turkey is kinda dry,
But as Corporate bosses go you seemed my kinda guy,
But you went too far, there is nowhere to go,
There is a big green tick next to big daft bozo.

Family Ipoddery

We have a new Ipod Touch 16 Gigs in the House. It is a thing again of beuty beyond compare. Those billions of you that read thesaltedsolution will know that I was one of the first prosumers to get the Ipod Touch in the UK and now, over a year down the line I still think its just so so so good and getting better.

However since getting a shiny new model and knowing how much it can loose its polish,  it is no longer known in the house as the "ipod" but as "mypod."