Dear Complainers to the BBC

You stupid humourless idiots,
Life is too short for your lameness
I think the pus of your festering pettiness,
Oozes from the fact you're not famous.

(In refrence to compaints against the BBC, Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross complaints)

Google Chrome's Bookmarks

I have been using the fantatsic Google Chrome brosr since it came out, if you havent tried it you really should give it a whirl (Download Chrome for Windows).

One thing that was a bit weird about itb was the Bookmarks handling but now a month or so in, I have to say, I love it.

It is kind of a tool bar/menu bar hybrid that can be set up in many different ways. The reult is that when I started off It as awkward to make sense of comapred to say, the Firefox or Ie systems. But as it tweeks and changes with one's use  entire  a sub-interface evolves for you.

I would like it to have integration with my cloudbased Google bookmarks, that will surley be in soon.

Try My New Ultra Mobile Game! For Free!

Over the years I have designed a number of computer games. MondoPondo is a multiplayer quiz game with adult Truths and Dares. In fact, MondoPondo Wilde was the World's first computer game for Lesbians. And thats a fact. Its now defunct but Lesbians are going strong. Though not at my parties. Alas.

I designed the vastly underplayed 22Kung (from the blurb:"Use your Monks and all your cunning to capture your opponent's Jade Fountain and become the master in a game that combines the tactical planning of Chess, the simplicity and gameplay of GO and the drama of Kung Fu.") which by now I was hoping to have been bigger than Sudoku and Online Poker combined. I think maybe the graphics could have been a bit better. 

And there there was Factland, which I designed a while ago, bought the domian, specced the game and then, stupidly, didn't repurchase. Lesson learnt.

But now I have a new multiplayer game that you can try for free. For reasons of public decency it is only playable by pairs of Male Humans where at least one of the pair is concenting to play. The game, that is causing a stirr, in at least the streets of my mind, is Eyebrow Tennis.

Eyebrow Tennis

How to Play: 

As you walk down the street and a man approaches you you must raise your eyebrows. This is your serve and the completion of the game. You must now decide who was victorious:

Winning and Lossing
  • If the man replies with a Brow Raise, then you are both winners.
  • If the man doesnt raise his eyebrows, then you are both losers.
  • If, as you approach, he raises his Brows before you, then he has won.

You will find, as you get better, that there is much skill, subtlety and cunning in the game's tactics. 

Not only is this a great new game for all the men of the world to play so that there may be unity and a lasting peace, thus stopping, once and for all, masculine aggression's cancerous hurricane upon humanity and the planet; it is also a Paradox of soritian import.


Money ad Debt

My freind Luke pointed this out to me, its a great video where the content/information/enlightenment is inversly proportionarte to the production valued.


A palindrome is Never odd or even. 

This is a fact that's weird belivin'

Because when you read and both ways see,

That final period frames an anisotropy.

The Money Myth Exploded, a great short read.

Watching Zeigtest Adendum got me interested in Banking again. I used to have a skepticism about banks after watching some youtubes on the Federal reserve. But then I listened to a Skeptoid podcast that put over a very convincining arguement for Banks: If it wasnt for banks people couldnt borrow money to do things they cant afford to do at a given time. 

I dont think that argument carries much weight now (eg Zopa ) and even if it did, banks are a scam, as this almost kids story really well explains. The prose isnt great but the clarity is fantastic.