An Amazing Hoaxer: John Hutchison

John Hutchison is an amazing hoaxer. 

For decades he has been using salvaged military hardware to hoax the creation of world-bending effects. Effects such as levitation, metals melting and matter mixing in ways we haven't seen before. The videos from the eighties are totes amazing. 

Some people think that it's not a hoax. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you believe Hutchison is not a hoaxer, then consider these points:

This hoax, can't be, like many possible hoaxes, the result of human error or technical error or the misinterpretation of data: it has to be deliberate.

In creating the hoax, Hutchinson makes sure there is no room for mundane explanation. It's a bivalent thing: either those effects, in hundreds of videos, are as filmed, or they are hoaxes. 

But then in true maestro hoaxer style Hutchison gives us the old Cincinnati double-ender: he acts really sincere, knowledgeable with a little crazy-seeming genius who enthralls scientists and journalists, all the while acting alongside himself that he might, in truth, be a hoaxer. Genius skills. 

Another amazing aspect of this hoax is that Hutchison has arranged for the oddly clandestine censorship of the Hutchinson effect on Wikipedia and he has secretly commisioned the vast number of videos that boldly claim to prove he a fraud, but don't really. Enhanced plausible deniability, heroic hoaxing. 

Big respect to John Hutchinson.